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About Me

“It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves”

 (Sir Edmund Hillary)

I graduated from the University of Dundee in 2005 with a Batchelor’s degree in Life Sciences. This provided me with a solid foundation in the study of Human Form and 


A few years after graduating, I took a very different career path. I entered into the field of hospitality, to enable me to find seasonal winter work in the French Alps, so that I could follow my passion for skiing. I spent 10 years on the move, working ski seasons in the winter and working in a variety of interesting locations and roles for the summer season. 

Although I left my University studies behind in 2005, I never stopped reading. Having suffered from various conditions growing up, including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I was always on a quest to find better health and wellbeing for myself. I was continually seeking answers as to what could be going on within my body and my mind. From finding out about how various vitamin and mineral deficiencies affect our bodily functions; to learning what factors increase our inflammatory responses; to how injuries and strains affect our biomechanics; I was intrigued by it all. I was also often observing my environment and making connections between chronic stress(es) and the effect they have on our psychological, emotional, physiological and social functioning. 

Eventually in 2019, after coming back to Scotland, I decided to leave the seasonal lifestyle and the hospitality industry behind me. 

As time had progressed, I had branched into working in the realm of high-end hospitality, but I had become acutely aware of how the demanding nature of the work, the long hours and the subsequent sleep deprivation, were playing havoc with my physical and emotional health. 

On returning to my childhood home in Kirriemuir, I was seeking some therapeutic relief, for my incredibly tense and gnarly back, neck and shoulders, which when triggered often caused intense migraines. In the past I had tried various complementary therapies from physiotherapy, to remedial sports massage, dry needling, osteopathic and chiropractic adjustment. However this time I was just too frazzled and in too much pain to cope with any of them. I just wanted something that felt un-threatening and kind on my body, as it had already been put through enough! That’s when I remembered a good friend telling me about Bowen Therapy……and so a new journey began. 

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