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Treatment Options

Back Massage

Bowen Full Body Balance

£50/ treatment 

This is suitable if you are looking for:

A holistic treatment that takes into account the entire body, helping it to activate the natural healing processes as well as restoring physical and emotional balance. 

There is a specific focus on calming the nervous system, which makes it deeply relaxing and perfect for an overall body maintenance treatment. 

(For any long standing issues, it is normally advised for you to attend 3-4 sessions to achieve the best healing outcome.) 

 During your initial appointment we will spend a little time discussing your areas of concern and conduct the necessary range of movement assessments. I will then work out a treatment plan that is tailored to your individual needs. I may use Bowen therapy alone or a combination of Bowen Therapy and The Emmett Technique, depending on your needs.

TREATMENT TIME: 40 - 60 minutes.

This will vary depending on your individual needs. The key point is that we do not overwhelm your body with too much information. 

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Acute injury/ pain management treatment 

£50/ treatment

During this style of treatment the focus will be on relieving pain, tension and discomfort in your primary area of concern. 

 I will use predominately The Emmett Technique for assessment and treatment. 

For many clients the treatment can be conducted from a seated or even a standing position and so it does not necessarily require that you are laying down on a massage table. 

The technique is not invasive and can also be performed through light, loose clothing. 

It’s ideal for helping to assist your recovery after sporting injuries. It may also aid in  increasing your freedom of movement before sporting activities, which may prevent injuries. 

Treatment time: 40 - 60 minutes 

If you are unsure which approach is best for you, please contact me and we can discuss your bespoke treatment plan. 

Reiki Treatment

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment / Sinus Relief 

£40/ treatment

This is a full body lymphatic drainage treatment. It has been observed to be effective for sinus relief, congestion headaches, chest congestion, throat congestion, bad breath, pressure in the face, fogginess and clearing of the lymphatic system. 

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Children’s Body Balance

£20/ treatment

A soothing, balancing treatment to aid in relaxation and a better ability to cope with life’s adversities. 
Bowen Therapy has been observed by parents and caregivers to relieve the symptoms of many childhood ailments. 
By rebalancing the body, a child may experience improved sleep patterns; better concentration; better coordination ; reduced pain and discomfort; And experience more happiness and contentment following a treatment session. 
I can work on any age of child from newborn upwards. The treatment will be carried out over light, loose fitting clothing and a parent or guardian must be present throughout. 
Treatment times will vary depending on the age and ailment of the child. Regular sessions may be required for specific conditions. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions. 

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"What can I say Charlotte is INCREDIBLE!

She has such a different approach to healing the body.

I was new to this treatment and had never heard of it before, however even after the first session which consisted of delicate movements I noticed a difference.

Charlotte is very knowledgeable and offers a safe and kind environment.

She helped my uneven body rebalance and the 24 hours after I felt my own body almost begin to heal itself!

Most importantly though, she greatly helped my TMJ (intense jaw pain, giving headaches etc) no other treatment i tried worked aswell as this!

Highly highly recommend giving her a try."

Jill Hamilton

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